Welcome to the world of High Intensity Discharge (HID) products that have revolutionized the way your automobiles illuminate. We, at AutoXsport, offer you efficient and effective solution for all your HID requirements under one roof. Whether you want Slim HID Kit or Xenon HID Bulbs, or HID Replacement Ballast, we guarantee you to provide high-quality products for your vehicles at unbeatable prices and make your online shopping experience a happy and memorable one.

What distinguishes AutoXsport from other HID sellers include:

  • High quality HID Products
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An Introduction to HID Conversion Kit & Xenon HID

HID Conversion Kit is an innovative lighting technology that is capable of offering three times better headlight lighting output when compared to your halogen lighting system. Xenon HID is what this technology is called and found in many varieties at AutoXsport. A HID Kit with many different bulb sizes and color temp (Kelvin) can be effortlessly installed on almost all vehicles such as car, motorcycles, SUV, ATV, truck, and other off-road vehicles. If you want to render a trendy look to your beloved car, then it is high time you replace your already-installed factory xenon HID bulb system with most advanced xenon HID bulb system of ours.

Reasons for Upgrading to HID Kit

Majority of our clients have one common complaint to make about their vehicles lighting condition. They all face an uphill task while driving during night. The standard halogen lighting system fails miserably at nighttime or in bad weather as it creates a shadow around it, thereby making far objects difficult to view. On the other hand, a Xenon bulb illuminates a wider area through its gleaming bluish white emission. So, you can clearly see objects from quite a distance, even in extreme darkness.

Xenon HID system carries a lifespan of more than 3000 hours which is nearly 5x longer life than a standard halogen bulb or a factory halogen headlamp. In addition to dazzling illumination and lastingness, a Xenon HID Kit delivers an exotic look to your vehicle which is hard to get from yellowish halogen bulbs.

Lastly, HID kits and HID bulbs come with a myriad of color temp to select from. Choose a color temp from 4300K to 6000K that emits crystal white. For a striking light blue appearance, you should go for 8000K.

The Technology That Matters

If you carefully look at a household lamp or halogen lamp, there is one filament that generates lighting. With the passing of time, all these filaments start to bear the brunt of wear and tear because of heat, usage, and misuse. Eventually, they crash, thereby cutting off the connection that caused illumination. This story now seems old after the arrival of HID Kits that contain inert gases, e.g. Xenon.

Talking about the theory, the HID lamps you will get to use from AutoXsport as a part of HID Kits have Xenon gas that entirely substitutes the outdated filaments of halogen lamps. This noble gases, xenon and are included in the quartz tube that is plugged into two power lines electrodes. If the electrical energy is discharged in the HID lamp and arrives at the noble gases, there is an arch produced. The arch made by a HID xenon lamp offers an illumination that is thrice more vivid than the ordinary halogen lamps. Most importantly, you no longer need to worry about the breakage problem associated with the filaments of halogen bulbs.

What to Expect from Us

We, at AutoXsport, help you to find out the right kit for your vehicle. As these lights come in different size and model, many people get confused about which HID kit is perfect for their vehicles. So, we feel happy to help them out in this issue.

Our HID products are cent percent secure for use due to compliance with international safety norms and standards. When you resort to our products, you do not have to spend too much on maintenance as you come across with other lighting systems. Another advantage of using our products is that you can straightforwardly render a fashionable look to your vehicle. The onus is now on you to make your vehicle a fashion statement on roads.

Choose your preferred Hid Kit from our exclusive store to enhance the style quotient of your vehicle. You can even go for an illumination color to suit your personality and hit the road with great amount of confidence and safety.

All HID products are intended for Off road, shows and international use ONLY